Jam Tawaf Limited Edition

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Price: RM110.00

Jam tangan tawaf ni LIMITED EDITION. Sebab tu harga RM110. Strap kaler special. Untuk strap yang banyak kaler tu, satu set strap dengan FACE hanya RM95.00 sahaja.


::50 Meter Water Resistant
:: Japan Quartz (watch engine)
:: Stainless Steel Back
:: Jarum Glow In The Dark

PERCUMA satu strap lagi.

Purchase HERE

or email me.

Ni contoh model yang pakai jam design tu. Cuma kaler strap tu lain la. Kaler strap tu boleh dibeli berasingan dengan face.

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 Jam Tawaf Limited Edition
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 Jam Tawaf Limited Edition

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